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High speed small hole EDM drilling machine, which its electrode tube is regarded as tool electrode, adopts electrical discharge erosion theory to put on high frequency pulse electrical power between electrode tube and workpiece, thus creating electron discharge processing with a small pulse width and high peak current. High pressure water is used to cool and remove the slag. Therefore, it has higher speed erosion of workpieces which is specially suitable to drill deep holes with diameter of 0.2 mm to 3.0 mm on stainless steel, hardened steel, copper, aluminum, hard alloy and other conductive materials.

The maximum depth-diameter ratio of small hole EDM drilling machine can reach to 300:1 and it can directly drill on oblique and curved surface. The machine can erode the bits or taps broken in the workpiece without destroying the original hole or screw. It is also widely used to drill hole which is used to be thread wire, and chemical fiber spinneret, spinneret hole of spinneret plate, filter plate, group holes of sieve plate, engine blade, heat dissipation hole of cylinder, the hydraulic, oil way of air operated valve and stomata.

1. Small hole EDM drilling machine can drill deep hole with a diameter from 0.3mm to 3mm, and the speed of drilling hole is 30mm to 60mm depth per minute.
2. The operation is easy and convenient and the working water can be normal water or saponification fluid without any pollution.
3. X, Y, Z axes of working table are equipped with digital display devices, and Z axis has the function of setting depth.

Our small hole EDM drilling machine consists of four types which are DK703, DK703A, DD703 and DD703A. All the models have the maximum load of 200kg. The product can work under the alternating current which is 380 v and 50 Hz, and the discharge current is generally big which can reach 30A, thus greatly increasing the drilling efficiency. It has various sizes of product. DK703 and DK703A both have working table with the size of 320mm × 440mm while DD703 and DD703A are 400 mm × 600 mm. In addition, our product has wide adaptability which can drill hole on the inclined and curved face of material. This series of EDM drilling machine can also set a fixed drilling depth, thus automatically returning to the original height and going on the next drilling after each drilling. Thanks to its two or three axis digital display during the process of drilling, users can conveniently and fully grasp the process information of drilling. Besides, the machine has high wear resistance and high service life which can reduce the difficulty long-term maintenance.

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